Depreciation Schedules

ATO Compliant Depreciation Schedules from Qualified Quantity Surveyors

As a residential building ages, the items within it depreciate as they wear out over time and their serviceable life passe. Depreciation is the decline in the value tax deduction for the building structure and plant and equipment assets of any property which produces income. This depreciation is Claimable by all residential investment property owners each financial year.


We endeavor to taking site inspections as quickly as possible after engagement. In most instances we can provide our schedules within 7-10 days of visiting.


Working closely with our Clients to make the process smooth and stress free. We deliver the highest of industry standards and are dedicated to the satisfaction of our Customers.


We are Quantity Surveyors with other 12 years experience on minor and major projects, which means beyond our Depreciation Services, we can assist with any budgetary and estimation work that you may wish to undertake on your investment.


Being classically practiced Quantity Surveyors, Progress Claims are a big part of our day to day.As you undertake any insurance or construction work, a Progress claim communicates with your financier your construction progress.


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