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JOINT VENTURE DEVELOPMENT Project for Commercial Echo Model Park

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DA approved commercial echo park one hour ten minutes drive from Toowoomba airport.

Plan includes:

1. 230 acres total land.

2. Stage 1: 48 duplex 3 bed 2 bath (double storey) approved.

2. Stage 2: 62 duplex 3 bed 2 bath (double storey)


3. Function centre 1000 people.

4. Restaurant.

5. Cafe.

6 reception and departmental store.

7. Parking area for each duplex and common parking.

8. Each stage with swimming pool, basketball court, bbq space and other amenities.

9. 160 acres of free land area with a lake for camping and hiking.

10. Future development opportunity for stage 3, 4 and 5 which can accommodate another 300 duplex.

11. Future development space for large corporate function hall can accommodate over 3,200 people at the same time.


No amenities.

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